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Alex Cazzetta's Teacher Page
Discover Alex Cazzetta's teaching style and pedagogy:



Alex Cazzetta
London Area .: West London
Local Area .: Acton
Post Code .: W3 9RD
Telephone .: 020 8992 0548
Mobile .: 078 8061 6249
Price 60 Min. .: £ 25
Instruments .: Guitar , Bass
Styles .: Rock , Heavy Metal , Blues , Classical


Alex Cazzetta's Biography:
Timetable available for Tuesdays 11am-5pm & Saturdays 11am-5pm (AVAILABLE NOW).

Starting to play guitar as teenage rebellion and after listen to his guitar heroes Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne), Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) back in 1991, Alex felt the challenge to keep discovering the amazing world of rock and metal through his guitar fret board, listening, playing and suddenly composing heavy music.

In 1995 he finally started to experience the fabulous world of recording. Deeply into the Heavy Metal scene he moved to London in 2001 and intensely commenced to be professionally involved in the music industry with uncountable amount of live shows and a studio recording career over the British land with his own band Abgott.
Since graduating from the Guitar Institute of Technologies in 2002/03, Alex has become a busy private & public teacher, composer and specialized postVan Halen and modern metal guitar player.
Since 2004/05, Alex started working professionally, either as private teacher and teaching at 'South End Music School' in Croydon; also he has worked professionally for radio shows and theatres on numerous studio sessions covering a wide range of contemporary styles and has over a decades worth of live playing experience including tours in UK and Europe as headliner or supporting metal acts such as Napalm Death, Destruction, Enslaved, Behemoth, Dark Funeral and so on.


If Abgott will continue to improve at this rate they will be certified worldbeaters before the rest of the scene knows whats hit them. top album Chris Kee, Zero Tolerance Magazine
Surely contender to the Uk black metal crown. Furious drumming razorsharp guitar work and above alla genuine sense of danger comes out of this third full length. 7/10 Jonathan Selzer, Terrorizer Magazine
Experimental edge: the guitar work is incendiary and the percussion worthy of Brann Dailor. Mayhemheavy Artic sound injected with mathcore and complicated jazz/rock.8/10 Tommy Udo, Metal Hammer Magazine
The guitar work is technical without being arrogant and completed with solos that bag you to listen them again. A brilliant, astonishing and exhilarating release. 9/10 Martin Harris, Powerplay Magazine
Abgott are unafraid to mess with the formula and sound all the better for it. Their technical ability alone instantly marks them out. 8/10 Mike Kemp, Rocksound Magazine


Alex Cazzetta's Qualifications

Timetable available for Tuesdays 11am-5pm & Saturdays 11am-5pm (AVAILABLE NOW).

June 2003 July 2003
New Horizons Computer Learning CentresMicrosoft Excel 2002 first level;
October 2002 September 2003
Guitar Tech Institute Power House LondonOne Year Diploma Course;
May 2002 June 2002
Guitar Tech Institute Power House LondonRock Guitar Soloing (tutor: Shaun Baxter)10 weeks private course;
September 1995 July 2001
University of Studies of Cassino Italy:Literature and PhilosophyDegree in Foreign Languages and Literature with score of 110/110 pass with distinction;
September 1990 July 1995
High school G. Caso Piedimonte Matese Italy:Diploma in Technology and Industry (specialization: Construction Technologies);
A level: Mathematic, Construction Technologies Engineering and English. Awarded as best student of the year 1995;


Alex Cazzetta's Expertise

Timetable available for Tuesdays11am-5pm & Saturdays 11am-5pm (AVAILABLE NOW).

Private/Pubblic Rock & Metal Guitar Tuition new season of booking

Hi fellow new 'guitarist'

I am Alex Cazzetta Electric Guitar & Bass
I am here to offer you the opportunity to have Guitar Lessons were we will be focusing on all areas of playing from rhythm to soloing or just learn to play your favourite songs!

My speciality is Metal (in all its forms): technique & precision to develop the skills that you will actually use in your playing, also speed, aggression, blistering riffs, abrasive harmony, leads soloing, but also music theory, rhythm displacement & irregular beats.

All you need dedicated to the Metal style you want to play.
My vision is to bring fun and enjoyment back into music tuition, to ensure the very highest teaching standards.

I understand that everyone is an individual; everyone learns at a different rate and has differing goals and needs.
My teaching methods ensure that you are going to achieve your musical aims and goals at your own speed with lessons structured for your individual abilities and requirements.

Maybe you are an absolute beginner full of passion for your chosen instrument but have no idea how to channel it? Or maybe youve owned an instrument for a while but without decent structured tuition keep running into dead ends or have even given up trying believing its too difficult?

Any Level,
Age: from 12 years old on,
Style: Blues, Funk, Pop, Rock & Metal

Location: Acton/Ealing;
Price: I teach from home, price 25/hour
Travelling availability to: All London, specially Ealing, Chiswick, Acton, south London and Central London, price 30/hour
Half hour lesson: 15

Timetable available for Tuesdays11am-5pm & Saturdays (AVAILABLE NOW)

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me at:
020 8992 0548 (house)
078 8061 6249 (mobile)
Please, call in the morning hours and evenings, only.


West London,Acton,W3 9RD


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