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Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London

Marcus J Burton's Teacher Page
Discover Marcus J Burton's teaching style and pedagogy:

Marcus J


Marcus J Burton
London Area .: North London
Local Area .: Harringay
Post Code .: N4
Telephone .: 07977 563062
Mobile .: 07966242647
Price 60 Min. .: £ 35
Price 30 Min. .: £ 20
Instruments .: Piano , Clarinet , Keyboard , Saxophone , Theory
Styles .: Classical , Jazz , Rock , Swing , Electronic Music


Marcus J Burton's Biography:

I began piano lessons when I was 8, and 2 years later, inspired by all those metal levers, I took up clarinet as well.

Although I concentrated on pursuing ABRSM grade success, I was often distracted by my desire to play by ear my favourite songs of the day. Sadly, none of my teachers could help me with this.

Whilst at art college, age 17, my first song fell out of my head and onto the piano. It was these first few tunes that secured me 8 unconditional offers at all the top rock/pop colleges in the UK. However, parental concern as to the future security of such paths steered me towards a BEd degree. On reflection, I would urge anyone to follow their heart.

In 1990, as I was graduating from business finance, and without warning, my dad died. Pursuing a graduate career in education or business was out of the question. I had to be local - I had to help my mum. I guess I have always had this inadequacy about not having achieved a graduate career, although, ironically, I have interviewed many graduates in some of my other business interests.


1990 - present. Started teaching piano, clarinet and keyboard in Hereford. Saxophone followed.

1992-97 In addition to teaching I entertained on piano in hotels, rest homes and at weddings. I have also played throughout Europe.

1997-2000  - Malvern prep schools beckoned me after the unreserved commendation of one of the parents. I filled in for 2 years during the ill health of one of the peri s. Starting with 7 pupils, I grew the portfolio to 35.

2000 - present day. I started to co live in London and pupils appeared through commendation.

 2011 - present day. I resumed songwriting activity, and with 'Tell me' /Heidi Nicola s success on itunes, and having showcased with BBC intro,I have now networked numerous industry contacts, and landed a manager with global artist contacts. Pupils have asked will I still teach if any of the tracks move forward in a big way.Yes of course I ve said, though I wont worry about my pension anymore! So, 25 years on, I am following my heart...

 Song count - 2350 at 21/08/14







Marcus J Burton's Qualifications

Grade 8 clarinet

Grade 8 piano


I was on a BEd degree and also Business Finance.

I have to say that the business degree was much more useful.


Marcus J Burton's Expertise

Just a few reasons my pupils look no further -


- sight reading/ABRSM grades

- theory to G5

- playing by ear

- active songwriter, now been presented to major players

- multi instrumental

- 24 years experience

- a business and educational angle to teaching


With many years experience of having to relate to a variety of individuals,I pride myself on my ability to get on with everyone.

Customers often comment that my wide experience with other business activity makes me a better teacher.

(Pupils have often told me they like the fact that I have a business as well as an educational approach to music).

I also believe in putting the fun back into things like scales. 'Only you can make D minor this exciting', one parent recently commented.


North London,Harringay,N4


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Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London