James Hayto
I teach in:
North London
My local London area:
Crouch End
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Styles that I teach:
Rock, Blues, Funk, Classical, Jazz
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James was Kylie's guitarist from 2000 to 2005 when he left to join indie band Grace. He was signed to EMI with Grace and made an album and toured extensively until 2008. He was on a world tour last year as a session guitarist and performed 135 shows to around 1 million people. He started his own rock band 2 years ago and has returned to his passion for teaching and writing music.

For his other playing credits and info please visit jameshayto.com 


Music GCSE

Music A Level

Grade 8 classical guitar

Graduate Diploma with Honours in Jazz and Contemporary Music from Leeds College of Music 

Reasons to study with me:

Their are very few as adept at faithfully playing and teaching as many different styles of guitar as James. His extensive live experience enables him to teach you what you really need to learn to progress in the fastest possible way.

He has taught at BIMM college in Brighton as well as schools and Colleges in North London. 

Also his 15 years songwriting and production experience provides him with the skills to teach you how to construct melodies, chords and lyrics as well as operate Logic Pro to an advanced level. 



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