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Phil has had a wealth of music industry experience: Phil produced a number of highly successful bands including The Last Republic (who opened V-Festival in 2009).  In 2006 Phil teamed with Andy Duke (producer/writer/re-mixer, Robbie Williams, Kylie, Girls Aloud) to set up Back2Forward records in order to promote Buck Brothers (later Top Buzzer).  Phil produced Buck Brothers 1st EP, ‘The World According to Buck’ in 2006, which was immediately picked up in North America and regularly played on almost all of the 450 student radio stations across the continent.

Building on this success of Buck Brothers EP, Phil produced Buck Brothers 1st Album ‘Me’. Me met with huge success once again in North America on both student and commercial radio, reaching as high as no. 9 in the FMQB chart measuring airplay on specialty radio shows across the whole of the US along with the likes of the Killers and Greenday (Charts such as FMQB measure airplay of evening and non-peak ‘John Peel’ style radio shows in North America). 

Phil also founded the Rock & Pop Music School, which employed over 60 teachers over the 4 years that he owned the school.  Phil personally developed the teaching syllabus and trained all the teachers employed by the agency.  

 Having obtained a wealth of music industry experience, including music production, establishing an international record label, and having run a large teaching agency, Phil offers a wealth of music experience to all those whom he teaches. 





Phil has taught music in the Wimbledon area for 13 years. From 2004-2006, Phil also founded and directed The Rock & Pop Music School, which employed over 60 teachers. Phil developed the syllabus and personally trained his tutors. Having personally taught hundreds of pupils, some of which have continued lessons for over 10 years. Phil therefore draws on a wealth of teaching and teacher mentoring/training experience.

Reasons to study with me:

Phil's specialisms includ the following:

Structured Approcah:  After 13 years of teaching experience, Phil has carefully developed his teaching syllabus.  It can take many years to learn the finer nuances of how to teach complex skills, and Phil has dedicated the last 13 years to constantly improving his ability to communicate the techniques neceesary to learn the skills required in order to play an instrument.  Phil believes that each pupil learns at their own pace, and aims to break each stage of the learning process into small manageable 'chunks' so that even those who are struggling are able to manage each new stage of the learning process.

Phil teaches you to play your favourite songs: Phil believes that pupils learn the best, when they are inspired, and Phil has consistnantly found that one of the most inspiring aspects of learning an instrument, is learning to play your favourite songs.  With Classical music Phil teaches pupils to play pieces they enjoy, and with contemporary music, Phil asks pupils to bring their favourite Mp3s and CDs to the lesson, and teaching pupils to play these songs.

Music Theory:  Phil spent several years studying harmony as it is found in contomporary chart music, and investigated whether or not there are certain harmonic qualities that are associated with more succesful songs.  Phil took every song in the top 5 of the UK charts for a year, and worked out every chord of each song, and placed all the chords into a database.  After several years of analysis, Phil now has knowledge of harmonic structure in contemporary music that is matched by very few in the world.  Phil believes that a strong understanding of harmonic structure will enable pupils to understand music at a far deeper level and aims to lace all his teaching with explanations of music theory.  Phil enjoys teaching theory and has found that teaching in this manner helps to develop highly musically aware pupils.  This helps pupils to play better, and for those who wish to learn to write music, also provides an indesposible advantage. 



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