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North West London
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Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, All Styles
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Marco Cirillo -is a guitarist of distinction, his appreciation for music of all styles make him a well rounded and interesting player.

Bachelor of music degree Music Conservatory G.Martucci (SA) Graduation 2005 Mark 10/10
It’ s been a pleasure for me to have been part of this school. Ten years where I studied about Classical Guitar, Musicology, Music Theory in one of the most longer and harder course which is precisely classical music.

Certificate High School Percento Musica (Roma) Graduation 2010 Mark 10/10
One of the most great experience in my life. Five years where I studied every aspect of modern playing. Funk, Pop, Jazz, Soul, Studio Experience and Live performance. I ve studied with some of the best Italian musician like Umberto Fiorentino , Fabio Zeppetella and Massimo Varini.

Technical Equipment

Guitar-PRS single cut trem.Acoustic guitar Martin D35
Amply-Fender de Luxe.Boss cube
Stomp box-Eventide time factor,Boss CS3,Tonebone Plaxitube, Boss Gt 10, Wah Wah Dunlope, MXR Overdrive, Mirco Br Boss



I am proud to say that my new teaching approach is 100% result guaranteed. Check my teaching approach Videos at

 By studing with me you will have a chance to


  • Start to play from the first lesson by studing exercises I ve designed for beginners and Med-Advanced Guitar Players. Each exercise have a matching backing track with three different speeds so you can have a constant and gradual improvement and the feeling that you are playing with a real Band.
  • Use a great Tone during the Lesson and develop you personale Touch by using my Professional Gears.
  • Learn how to play Acoustic Guitar. Are you a singer that want to learn Guitar and perform your Songs Live on Stage? By using my teaching path you will be able to develop a greatest coordination between right and left hand, open strings chords, rhythm patterns and fingerstyle. Also Song Writing, Harmony and Chords Connection.
  • Use, wisely, the best-selling Guitar Methods for Guitar.
  • Learn how to Improvise wisely.
  • Learn the difference between play Guitar with the Band and play in Duo.
  • Learn different music Style: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk and Classical.
  • Learn how to Improve your Speed, Control, Legato, Alternate Picking, Rhythm Chops, Scales and Chords


Reasons to study with me: 

My music lesson are really specific and aimed to let you improve in any particular area. Let me give you an example :

For beginners: We will start to play since the first lesson by using a backing track for every single exercise. But don’t get me wrong, this is 30% of the lesson (the funny moment I use to call it). The other 70% will be dedicated to techniques, exercises and music theory necessary for you to :

  • 1-Develope you right and left hand
  • 2-Learn about music notation, scales etc…
  • 3-Develope you sense of rhythm
  • 4-Learn Chords which allows you to play songs

My Guitar Lesson for everyone


Have fun is the spice of my lesson. Go through a music path without having fun can be the reason why lots of people give up after months or years. Having Fun doesn’t mean no discipline !

10% Theory: Let me explain you that because I don’t want you to get me wrong. Music theory is the base of every music concept.The only thing I disagreed on, is when a student have to go through one hour just talking about notation, reading and analyzing. So what I offer you is to put theory and practice together. We might need to talk 10 min about some new exercises or how you got to play some note, but then everything will be put it into practice.

60% Practice: All about learn Electric and Acoustic guitar. The first note, technique, speed, groove, Performing live, Learn how to use stomp box, Play with singers, Play with the bands etc … It is the core of the lesson. Your daily schedule. Your goal.

30% Fun: Now this is really my signature and I want you to understand that perfectly.

When you start to play an instrument, you need to go through some pure technique, mechanical exercises, aimed to develop your coordination… what a nightmare! Just think about the classic “1234 combination”, scales and arpeggios… those exercises are essential but they can be boring and frustrating. With my lesson you will have fun learning and practicing those essential. 





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