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Mathew Jones's Teacher Page
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Mathew Jones
London Area .: South East London
Local Area .: Brockley
Post Code .: SE4 1LX
Telephone .: 07896085449
Mobile .: 07896085449
Price 60 Min. .: £ 20
Price 30 Min. .: £ 10
Instruments .: Guitar , Bass , Composition , Songwriting , Theory
Styles .: Rock , Blues , Funk , Jazz , Classical


Mathew Jones's Biography:

Guaranteed Success and Rapid Improvement with Unique Teacher

Hello, my name is Mathew and I am a guitar teacher based in Brockley, South East London. I offer guitar lessons including a variety of genres such as: Rock/Acoustic/Blues/Jazz to name a few, even if you want to learn reggae or funk I am experienced in those genres to accommodate your needs.

I started teaching about 4 years ago in South Wales and have continued my practice since moving to London in 2006 (I still teach in South Wales 2 days a week!) I also work as a session musician, composer and music journalist when I'm not teaching (or studying for my degree!) so I am quite knowledgeable of a lot of aspects within the music industry, which I find helps me in my teaching as I can relate aspects of guitar teaching to experiences within the music industry.

Teaching is a great passion of mine and I hope to continue to do it for the foreseeable future and I am also writing a guitar book which I hope to get published in the near future. I feel that my teaching methods are unique and very efficient, enabling you to rapidly improve on the guitar whilst learning some useful music theory knowledge along the way. I am free most days of the week to teach so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to arrange a lesson by phoning me or emailing me.

My myspace is available on my profile, however I have a more 'teaching oriented' website at www.londonguitarlesson.com (its quite basic because I didn't want to pay BT anymore for doing it for me!)

Look forward to seeing you! 


Mathew Jones's Qualifications

(Currently Studying an MA Music degree)

BMus (Hons) Music - First Class Honours

Trinity Teaching Diploma 

Rockschool Grade 8 - Distinction

RGT Qualified Teacher 


Mathew Jones's Expertise

Below are examples of artists and composers I enjoy playing and teaching within the corresponding genres:

Electric Guitar Repertoire:

Rock: Vai, Satriani, Johnson, Malmsteen

Blues: Moore, Clapton, Ray Vaughan 

Jazz: Pass, Montgomery, Taylor

Acoustic Guitar Repertoire:

Fingerstyle: Mckee, Johnson, Butler 

Classical: Tarrega, Sol, Paganini


South East London,Brockley,SE4 1LX


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