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Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London

Sonja Joubert's Teacher Page
Discover Sonja Joubert's teaching style and pedagogy:



Sonja Joubert
London Area .: East London
Local Area .: Snaresbrook
Post Code .: E11 1QA
Telephone .: 0208 530 6352
Mobile .: 078 863 77354
Price 60 Min. .: £ 40
Price 30 Min. .: £ 25
Instruments .: Piano , Keyboard , Theory
Styles .: Classical , Jazz , All Styles , Gospel


Sonja Joubert's Biography:
  • Born in South Africa. Classically Trained by Professional Concert Artist Mr Josias vd Merwe and the late Adolph Hallis. Attained Diplomas in the CLASSICAL style with distinction. Performers and Teachers licentiates from Trinity College of Music LONDON and Unisa.


  • Did a 4 year Performance Diploma in Classical music at the Technikon Pta, South Africa. Later studied exstensively in styles other than only the old classical school. Did a 4 year diploma in JAZZ at the University of Technology.


  • At present performing and teaching in London and Cambridge.



  • Being formally trained in both Classics and Jazz, it gives her an edge above her peers!


  • Loving God and loving people, I  can teach you the passion and love I have for playing the piano.  To  experience the joy and fullfilment it brings!

                                          Reach for the Stars!


Sonja Joubert's Qualifications
  • Qualifications are important - but more important are the art of  playing  my instrument!
  • And the way I work with a student!

 Does the continuous live performing of your instrument promote you?  And your Students? -  these are my best adverts!


  • Performer's  Licentiate Diploma  -  Trinity College of Music LONDON
  • Teacher's Licentiate Diploma  -  University of South Africa UNISA                
  • A 4 year: National Diploma in Performing Arts Classical music  -  Technikon Pta, South Africa                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Later studied exstensively in styles other than only the old classical school.
  •  A 4 year: National Diploma in JAZZ Performance -University of Technology  (2004) 

       Early years Extras:

  • Pipe organ Gr 7  (2nd instrument)
  • Flute Gr 7  (3 rd instrument)  Distinction
  • Theory Gr 7  with Distinction



Sonja Joubert's Expertise


                      Sonja Joubert -  This is me!


  • 20+ Years of experience in teaching and training students, children as well as adults. 


  • The Studio is less than a half a minutes walk from the Snaresbrook Underground Station which is on the Central Line.

With the tutor being formally trained in both Classics and Jazz, it gives the student the opportunity to learn piano playing on a wider scale than only the formal classical, note reading style!

Teaching note reading, studying notes and  written out classical compositions as well as  the art of playing by ear, using chords and improvizational tecniques! 

The adult student often finds this more appealing - being able to just sit down and play some songs without trying to remember the written score they studied years before!  Thus always having something to play!


  • For the Jazz lover: learn to play great jazz standards, with proper swing, improvization and walking bass lines!  Surprise your friends with some old time favourite!


  • Learn to create your own songs! Be creative!


  • Theory is wonderful when taught in a practical way in front of your piano/keyboard!  It is alive and great and not just - theory!  So is Jazz harmony - absolutely intruiging!!  I LOVE it!


  • For those who love playing Classics -  there is little that can compare to having worked hard on your exam pieces and passing it with flying colours!  Could sometimes be a bit nerve wrecking - but worth it!  Not to mention performing it at some concert!  It really is rewarding!   Bach is still the Master of the Baroque era and Beethoven of the Classical era!  Not to mention Chopin!!!  ...............

Teaching young children,  youngsters and teenagers are great!  It is quite amazing to follow their development musically and as individuals! The shy child becomes more confident and the lively outgoing child learns to listen more sensitively in the shaping of music!

Piano / keyboard  playing is GREAT!  Experience the joy and fullfilment thereof.

Phone of email NOW  to start  lessons!   Or just come and see! No obligation.  No one is ever too young or too old to learn! 

                      Looking forward to hear from you!



East London,Snaresbrook,E11 1QA


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Piano Lessons London

Piano Lessons London