The Objective Of The Service

London Music provides a service for music teachers, musicians and music schools. Our main goal is to provide the individual and corporate musicians to display their resumé to the general public in London and Greater London.

We provide 3 different memberships namely Gold, Silver and Bronze. The categories of membership have different advantages, depending upon the type of membership. Roughly the Gold membership has the most options including a customisable resumé webpage, in which the Gold member can edit the resumé to suit her or his requirements. In the Gold category, the members also benefits from having their photo displayed on the homepage of London Music Thereafter we have the silver membership with similar advantages. Silver members also has an editable resumé page and have the ability to display their photo on the search page (this is the page where the client will be redirected after he/she has pressed the search button). Bronze members doesn't have an editable resumé and instead have their main advertisement displayed.

Gold members are listed first in the searches. Silver members are listed 2nd and Bronze members are listed 3d.


Your resumé should include details about your performance, styles and instruments. Please include some specifics about your specialities. Don't make extensive use of bold or CAPITALS in your text.

Your Account

You may edit your account at anytime. You can also terminate your account at any time, but no refunds will be made. If you have already paid and you terminate your account, then it's the end of that subscription. Should you want to advertise again, you would need to pay the total amount in full.

Monthly Payments

For your benefit and comfort we have in addition to our yearly payments made available a monthly payment plan for Silver or Gold memberships. You are not tied down to a contract and may cancel your account at anytime. Here are the terms and conditions:

  1. You have a Silver or Gold membership.
  2. To cancel an account, you have to email us 2 weeks before the payment goes through. If your payment is due to go through on 30th September, please let us know in the first/second week of September (2 weeks before the 30th of September).
  3. Failure to inform us 2 weeks before will result in payment being taken and your account will then only be terminated the next month.
  4. If for whatsoever reason money could not be deducted on the agreed 30 day payment date, because of failure on your part (may that be card failure or otherwise) we will give you a period of 1 week only to refund your account. Should you fail to make the payment within a week, your account will be suspended. If you fail to make the payment within another week, your account will be terminated.
  5. Should you have any questions - *contact us*


Your account is password-protected. We encourage you to change your password periodically. Please report any spam or unwanted email that is sent to you via your default contact form.

Please be careful of email enquiries about your lessons, make sure the person is trustworthy and honest. Some dishonest individuals contact teachers about lessons via email and ask them to pay by cheque. The dishonest individuals then offers teachers the chance to give a lot of lessons per week or month. They are usually fraudsters - If this happens to you, please ignore the email and please contact us so that we can try and prevent this from happening again

Email Privacy

London Music Teachers will not give your email addresses to any unassociated third party. London Music Teachers can contact you at anytime. Associates of London Music Teachers may seldom contact you about products and services. London Music Teachers will never abuse your email address and respects and values your privacy as one of the utmost priority.

Payment Methods

All payments goes through paypal, making use of their secure servers. Paypal is one of the leading internet websites for online payments. They are trusted world wide and owned by Ebay. When a payment has been processed, it is final and no refunds can be made. Refunds can be made in very exceptional circumstances where there has been a misunderstanding, this is subject to the condition that you can prove it.

Please Read The Following 6 points very carefully

1. London Music Teachers will not be held responsible for any damages that derives to you from using this website either directly or indirectly.
2. London Music Teachers reserves the right to change the look and content of this website at any time without prior notice.
3. In the unlikely event of servers being down or other potentially damaging issues, London Music Teachers will not be held responsible.
4. London Music Teachers reserves the right to cancel your subscription at anytime should you not abide by these terms and conditions.
5.London Music Teachers reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
6. London Music Teachers may change the price of their membership at any time without prior notice - this will not effect the current members unless you are on a monthly payment, in which case we will let you know well in advanced.



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