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The Bigger Picture

There's a lot of people in this world that just exist, living their day to day life without really pondering as to why we are here or what we could achieve.

As musicians we are often faced with various challenges that makes us deeper and more extraordinary people.

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The arrangement of columns as they appear for different body classses Most of us practise arduously in order to achieve a good result. We spend hours a day to develop and improve our sound, technique, touch, repertoire, knowledge and overall musicianship. We learn the most beautiful pieces of music and some of us spend years composing music.

But Why?

Like Freddie Mercury sang: "Does anybody know what we are living for?"
Is it for a show to go on? I don't think so, for me music is not a show or entertainment avenue (altough it can be) - for me there is a bigger picture or a higher purpose.

Just listen to Johann Sebastian Bach's The St. Matthew Passion to see what I mean.

Your life , your music also has a higher purpose.
Most of us had a dream or a vision of what we want to become.
Few of us will attain it.


Becuase of other people's negative words and ideas, or because of our lack of faith, commitment or persistence. And because we gave up before we started.

This does not need to be your case, you can become the musician that you wanted to be. You can become J.S. Bach, Frank Sinatra, Eddie Van Halen, Winton Marsalis, John Coltrane, Dinu Lipatti, Pagannini, Maxim Vengerof, Mislav Rostropovich, Yngwie Malmsteen etc...

If you dream of playing in the Carnegie Hall do me a favour
Get the most beautiful picture or poster of the Carnegie Hall, stick it on your wall and repeat every morning: "I will play in the Carnegie Hall and become a great and very famous performer!"

Another reason why a lot of people don't really make it is because of obstacles.
I studied Classical Guitar with Abri Jordaan (South Africa's best and most renowned classical guitarist and mentor) and Jazz Guitar with one of the best masters of jazz guitar in the world, Johnny Fourie. I become one of the best guitarists through constant and dedicated practise. In 2003 I decided to practise as much as I could possibly do in a single day, by march I hurt my left hand and had to stop playing the guitar for some months.
After going to a couple of doctors, none of which could really help me (one even said to me : "We will see if you can still do this"), I decided to rest.
Actually I thought that I should become a chess champion, because I don't need my hands. So I started to study chess for a while...

That is when I started to learn touch guitar.

I then started to practise with my right hand touching (tapping) on the guitar's fretboard. I remembered practising all the melodic, harmonic and major scale modes and arpeggios during the first months of my rest.
I slowly developed my technique (and trust me if you were already on a high standard of playing and you start all over again it is quite frustrating) my touch guitar technique. After some time I added my left hand (which had a bit of a rest) which played a bass note every 4 bars.
After about 3 months I played my first touch guitar gig with a Jazz band and it was quite a success. I further developed my touch guitar technique to a world class standard. I did not allow obstacles to remain in my way, I did not lose the faith, I never gave up.
So I want to urge you, go for the Bigger Picture, the higher purpose. Don't give up, don't let go - with Faith and Words dreams come true.
Don't share your dreams with everybody, most people will break them. Make sure you don't only live for yourself - GO BEYOND THAT!

Climb out Everest.

Fly to the Moon.

Invent a new Music Style.

Build a Castle.

Become the Richest person in the World!

Article by: Stefan Joubert
Stefan Joubert Stefan Joubert is an International World Class Musician, he has developed an extraordinary style of guitar playing, using both hands on the fingerboard similar to a keyboard player. This extraordinary kind of playing opens up a world of multi-dimensional guitar sound which makes the music sound as if there where 2 or 3 guitarists.

I am currently accepting a limited number of guitar students for London based guitar lessons at my guitar studio: the London Guitar Institute. I am also teaching guitar internationally via my correspondence guitar tuition. You can view that here. Hence it is possible to learn the guitar with me from anywhere in the world.

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