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Change your mindset - Think Fast = FAST

I recently saw an amazing video of one of the greatest guitarist in the world: Shawn Lane!

In this particular You Tube video, he talks about speed and how to develop your speed to become the -> "speed of light"

Now I have always been a fan of technically advanced guitar music and grew up listening to John McLaughlin, Al Di Mealo & Paco De Lucia. When I was a teenager, speed was a mystery to me. I kept thinking to myself when I watched Yngwie Malmsteen, "HOW DOES HE DO THAT?"

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I tried and tried (to play fast), and it was hard at first... but after persistingm the door eventually opened!!

What is Shawn Lane's Secret?!!!

The most important thing you will note on Shawn's video is his mindset. What he did was do JUST DO IT! - he did not wait until he was 25 to play.... NO NO at 16yrs of age he already played faster than most guitarists I know!

Altough there is no doubt about his intelligence, unlike most musicians, I do not believe he plays well ONLY because of that. As people we are ALL made in the image of God and we have God-like potential. If you think of Einstein you would see what I mean. Einstein was intelligent, but once again it was his MINDSET! & BELIEVE (the I can do attitude!)

If I put yourself in a situation that would FORCE you to produce results, then you would REALLY produce results!

Anyone could play like Shawn Lane, but it starts with your mind. When it comes to speed you just have to play faster than your comfortable speed limit, even if it is sloppy in the beginning IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER! As Master Guitarist Shawn Lane explains, after time (years) it will become clean!

I would REALLY urge you to watch this video of this master guitarist:

Here's the secret of becoming a EXTREMELY proficient guitarist in NO time!

- Believe that you can DO IT! (have a positive mindset) = HAVE FAITH!
- Make it happen! (if you don't no one else will)
- PLAY what you cannot play (if you are busy with grade 1 do grade 8)
- FORCE YOURSELF to produce! (and produce EVERYDAY!)

This amazing advice that Shawn Lane gave on this video can be applied to any field in the world, including business, law, the Bible, sport (AHA Tiger Woods!), investing, writing, farming and in ALL other fields.

So what must you do now? -> ANYTHING that you CANNOT do... TURN IT AROUND AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! (by FORCING yourself to do that!) - AND you will be the leader!

» GO FOR IT!!!

Article by: Stefan Joubert
Stefan Joubert Stefan Joubert is an International World Class Musician, he has developed an extraordinary style of guitar playing, using both hands on the fingerboard similar to a keyboard player.

I am currently accepting a limited number of guitar students for guitar lessons in London at my guitar studio: the London Guitar Institute. I am also teaching guitar internationally via my correspondence guitar lessons. Hence it is possible to learn the guitar with me from anywhere in the world.

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