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Welcome To Our Music Articles

The idea behind this concept is to provide you with quality music articles. When I was younger, I used to spend hours learning music from a lot of different articles in the Guitar Magazines - i.e. Guitar World, Guitar Player, Guitar Techniques. We want to offer professional and aspiring musicians with excellent resources that can help you to improve your overall playing and musicality.

Stefan Joubert - World Class Guitarist, Composer, Vocalist and Songwriter.

Are you interested in Discovering the Fascinating World of Music - search for articles about Opera, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Electronic music and much more..

What can you find in our Articles?

The arrangement of columns as they appear for different body classses Thank you for visiting our website, we are always ready to serve you with the best musical information available. As I said earlier, I always loved reading and studying from articles in Guitar, Piano and other Music Magazines. I used to study articles by Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and also the UK Greats in the GuitarTechniques Magazine - David Mead, Phil Hilborne and many others. I also studied Bass Magazines and discovered the different modes of the Major, Melodic and Harmonic scales. (21 in total)

One of our primary goals for the articles on this website is to provide quality articles for all instruments. We want to make sure that there is a fair amount of them for drummers, pianists, vocalists, bassists, harpsichordists, theoryists, electronic musicians, blues artists, jazz, reggae, classical, african music, traditional swashi music, bossa nova, heavy metal etc...

Find articles on improving your technique, sound, touch, feel and overall musicality. This could include: music theory, songwriting, chamber music performances, playing your individual instrument and much more. Find sections on Classical and Modern Music, discover the History of Music.

Who will write the Articles? Most of the articles will be written by our own London Music Teachers and others by UK-based musicians. At times we might also utilise some international talent.

Make good use of this site, please bookmark this page and tell your friends about it. All the articles on this website remain the copyright of the authors and should you wish to make use of it for commercial situations such as private teaching, or for the classroom, you will have to contact the artist as well as our webmaster for permission.

Please remember that magazines and online articles are like little sweet desserts to your playing, nothing beats learning from a master musician. I studied with the great Johnny Fourie ("Johnny Fourie is one of the greatest guitar players of our epoque" - John McLaughlin, 21 June 2002), and I have learned the most amazing things from him in private lessons. So study the articles, enjoy them but make sure that you also study with a great master, it will make you reach a good, solid level in time.

Article introduction by: Stefan Joubert
Stefan JoubertStefan Joubert is an international world class musician. He has developed an unique style of guitar playing, using both hands on the fingerboard similar to a keyboard player. This extraordinary kind of playing opens up a world of multi-dimensional guitar sound which makes the music sound as if there where 2 or 3 guitarists.

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