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Ole Andre Farstad's Teacher Page
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Ole Andre


Ole Andre Farstad
London Area .: East London
Local Area .: Hackney
Post Code .: E2 9BL
Mobile .: 07835356371
Price 60 Min. .: £ 25
Price 30 Min. .: £ 15
Instruments .: Guitar , Other
Styles .: Rock , Blues , Classical , Jazz , Latin


Ole Andre Farstad's Biography:

Ole Andre Farstad Is a musician currently in London UK. He's primerally a guitarist playing a wide range of styles. He also plays many different kind of string instruments and he also record and produce own music. 

He started his musical career on the small island of Harøy in the 80´s playing rock in local bands. He also studied classical guitar, and at 16 he left the island to see the big world and continue to develop his musical skills. He studied electric and classical guitarat at the Music Conservatory in Kristiansand for 5 years and also started a Masters degree in Etnomusicology at the University of Bergen. He is currently doing a masters in Leadership at the Guilhall School of Music and Drama in London

His interests for folkmusic around the world has brought him to study Indian Classical music In Varanasi, India. Different folk music styles from South Amerika in Chile and his most profound studying of Flamenco music in Spain, in which he focused his master thesis. 


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East London,Hackney,E2 9BL


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