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Discover Guitar Lessons In London's teaching style and pedagogy:

Guitar Lessons


Guitar Lessons in London
London Area .: East London
Local Area .: East Ham
Post Code .: E6
Mobile .: 07942273753
Price 60 Min. .: £ 25
Instruments .: Guitar , Songwriting , Composition , Theory
Styles .: All Styles


Guitar Lessons in London's Biography:

The approach emphasizes efficiency and relaxed movement. Playing guitar should be easy and feel natural. It takes the proper foundation to achieve this and that is what I offer!

I focus on dexterity and finger independence, with tons of effective short cuts that can help you shave years off of your learning curve. Learning guitar is supposed to be fun and I aim to make it that way! 

I started playing dec 6th 1997, within a few months people thought I had been playing for much longer! I will show you how! I have loved music since I can remember, music is my life. My love and passion is made quite evident in my classes which is why students have so much fun with me! I am also a dancer and am studying music production.

2006- Recorded Solamente La Guitarra

Currently working on two albums, one dance oriented and one guitar based.


Guitar Lessons in London's Qualifications
A sincere love of music and teaching and students who enjoy my classes!


Guitar Lessons in London's Expertise
Rock, Fusion, Experimental, Metal, and Experimental styles. Composition, Theory, Rhythm, Lead, Acoustic and efficient movement.


East London,East Ham,E6


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