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Kate Conway
London Area .: East London
Local Area .: Hackney
Post Code .: E2 8LR
Mobile .: 07946 474 320
Price 30 Min. .: £ 17
Instruments .: Violin , Viola , Cello , Flute
Styles .: Contemporary Classical


Kate Conway's Biography:

I am the Director of Suzuki Hub - London's newest Suzuki music centre - in East London, where I've lived for most of the last 10 years. I love music, I love the violin (which I have played since I was two and a half) and I love teaching it to kids.

I play the violin professionally (mostly classical) and believe so strongly in learning music through the Suzuki method that I've dedicated my career to it: I'm the Director of the Suzuki in Schools Iniative for London, have worked as a music education consultant for primary schools, and have taught hundreds of kids to make beautiful music through its method and now am heading up (with my brohter and partner) Suzuki Hub.

Suzuki works. Kids play beautifully. Families grow stronger. And the relationship between the family and teacher is often very close. I like it. If you do too, please get in touch.


Kate Conway's Qualifications

I am as qualified as you can get in terms of my Suzuki Method training - I am level 5 qualified (if that means anything to you). It's basically the equivalent of a Master's.

My undergraduate qualifications are in English and Theatre Arts - I hold a BAHons from Goldsmiths.

Also I also have Grade 8 in violin, piano and voice.

I play violin professionally - mostly classical - but to be honest I love all music as long as it isn't musically boring.


Kate Conway's Expertise

I love what I do and have been doing it now for more than 10 years. It is an amazing privilege to teach children (and their families) the violin and I feel very lucky to have found the thing that I love doing. I am exceptionally well qualified to teach Suzuki violin and it's true that I have high standards.

Having said that I don't teach kids to be professional musicians - that's not really the point for me. But I will push your kids. Because I believe in them and I have seen how high kids can fly when well taught and supported. I teach young kids from 3 years old to teenagers, and children of all abilities and families of all backgrounds.

I'm also very happy to talk to people. I love a chat. Give me a call if you want to come and check the whole Suzuki thing out. 


East London,Hackney,E2 8LR


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